ConfigMgr Software Center crashing with “SCClient has stopped working” on Windows 10

During a recent Windows 10 SOE engagement, our customer reported that the ConfigMgr Software Center would crash a few minutes after opening it with the error “SCClient has stopped working”.

SCClient 300x148 - ConfigMgr Software Center crashing with "SCClient has stopped working" on Windows 10
“SCClient has stopped working” would appear several minutes after launching Software Center

Upon investigation it turns out that other applications, such as the PowerShell ISE, were also randomly crashing with the same issue. The Application Event Log pointed towards .NET Runtime, however the issue was only happening on a specific model (the HP EliteDesk 800 G1) – other hardware models running the same Windows 10 SOE were fine.

eventvwr 300x232 - ConfigMgr Software Center crashing with "SCClient has stopped working" on Windows 10
Application log was showing .NET Runtime errors

So it was a hardware specific issue and fortunately it turned out to be a simple solution – the ‘latest’ graphics provided by HP for the Intel HD Graphics 4600 graphics card, which was several years old, was causing the issue. Updating the driver to the latest release from Intel’s website, which had been released in early this year, fixed the problem!

Hope this helps!



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